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Friday, June 29, 2012

CVS Spent $10.07 Saved $59.73

Last fri. night I went to CVS. I had a $4/20 coupon loaded to my card as well as a $5/15 coupon. I love a good challenge when it comes to figuring out how to use these coupons and pay the least out of pocket. I didn't know if I could use both of these coupons together but the cashier said she could try. They ended up overriding it because it didn't want to take the 2nd but my total was still over $15 and the coupon was off a $15 purchase.

I've been enjoying the cvs diapers on clearance. I've been stocking up for a good friend. I also got two packs of the huggies little mover blue jean diapers that were on clearance for baby gifts.

My total transaction:

1 30oz bag of pretzel m&m's- $3.37 on clearance reg. $13.49
2 packs huggies little mover jean diapers- $5.99 on clearance reg. $11.99
1 caldesene powder 5oz- clearance for $1.62 reg. approx $6.50
2 packs of cvs supreme diapers 46ct $3.12 each reg. $12.49 each

I used:
$4/20 coupon
$5/15 coupon
2 $2 coupons huggies little movers
$1/1 caldesene product

Including tax I paid $10.07 and saved $59.73. 4 packs of diapers alone is worth that!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spent $12.01 Saved $86.57 @ HT Super Doubles

I went to Harris Teeter this morning for day 1 of Super Doubles. I was very suprised at how much I saved. I don't think I've ever saved this much in 1 transaction before. This is a breakdown of what I got.

2 boxes of 20oz Rasin Bran on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free= $4.25/2 before coupons
used $1/2 coupon which doubled

6 bottles of KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce on sale $1 each= had 3 $1/2 coupons which made all 6 free

4 6pack of deer park water .5 liters on sale for $1 each= had 2 cooupons for $1/2 made all 4 free after doubling

1 3lb. bag of meow mix tender Centers cat food on sale for $4.99= $2 coupon doubled made cat food .99 for bag

1 munchkin  mighty grip sippy cup on sale for $2.39= $1/1 coupon made cup .39 after doubling

2 nature's own whole wheat bread= $3.98 on sale after 2  .75 coupons doubled bread was .98/2 loaves

4 bags of simply potatoes= $5.50/4 bags+ after 2 $1 coupons doubling they were $1.50 for 4 bags

1 container of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter=on sale for $2.15 after $1.10 coupon doubled it was free

1 half gallon of silk vanilla soymilk= on sale for $3 used $1 coupon after doubling made it $1

1 box of advil gel caplets 50ct= sale for $4.49 after $2 coupon doubled I paid .49

2 boxes of Phillips Laxative Caplets= on sale  $8.98/2 used 2 $2 phillips product coupons making both of them only .98 after doubling

6 Met Rex bars= $2.29 each, I had 3 $2/2 coupons that doubled making them$1.74/6

No, I did not clear shelves. I had another wateer coupon but that would have only left 3 cases for someone else. So I only got 4. There was also plenty of BBQ sauce too. Most of these I'm going to donate to my local food pantry.

Out of the $12.01 I paid $1.69 of that was tax. All of the items I bought weren't signed with the sale price, maybe it was just because it was first thing and they were still putting up signs.

Leave us a comment and let us know how you did couponing this week

Monday, June 11, 2012

CVS Clearance Spent $1.06 Saved $14.47

My week's already getting off to a good start as far as couponing goes! I read online where CVS has several brands of feminine pads on clearance. One of the brands was Stayfree and that's my brand! I was hoping there were some left at my store and there was just enough for me to use the 3 coupons I had. I  got 2 16ct. packs of the long with wings for .4 each after my $1 coupons. I got a pack of the ultra 18 ct. for .72 after another $1 coupon. So including tax I got all 3 packs for $1.06!! I have a whole stockpile of pads but this is the price I like to pay to stock up on them. It's not like they won't sae and they'll go bad on me lol.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spent .10 Saved $10.xx

This week I've really picked up my couponing again. I saw on my new Harris Teeter zvr coupons yesterday where the kix and trix cereals both had coupons. Both of these cereals are on sale this week for Buy 1 Get 1 Free. There are also .60/1 trix printable coupons as well as .75/1 kix printable coupons. I bought 2 boxes of kix and 1 box of trix. Including tax I only paid .10 for all 3 boxes. My family doesn't eat these sugary cereals but I'm donating them to my local food pantry. Tomorrow is the collection day at my church and I've gotten quite a bit of stuff from using my coupons I'm going to donate.

I've also made several trips to CVS this week. I loved the $1 any toothbrush coupons that have been spitting out from the coupon machine. I have been using them to get the 5ct. toothbrushes with canister set that are only $1. Yesterday I bought 1 and used the coupon and got my dad a milky way bar which is on sale this week for .75 with a .75 extra care buck. I only paid .80 for the candy and the toothbrushes and got $1.75 in Extra Care Buks. .75 was for the candy and the $1 was for my Green Bag tag.

I stopped back in this morning and got 2 more coupons for the $1 toothbrush. I still had one left from yesterday. I was able to get 3 today for completely free! Not even paying any tax :) :) Don't ask me how this happened, I was prepared to pay it but didn't have too! Don't worry I never at any point cleared the shelves on the toothbrush/holder display. My store was fully stocked. I don't think alot of people realized you could use the coupon on the canister sets too. I'm also donating these toothbrush canisters to my local food pantry (they also accept toiletries).

Don't forget when you shop at CVS to scan your card at the red coupon machine first thing. Scan it twice, alot of times it will print more coupons the 2nd time. When it's printed all for that day it will say " no more coupons available today, check back tomorrow." Also walk the store when you have time and look for clearance tags. You can use coupons on clearance, this is another way to score free stuff. I also look for the sign that say get it while  it last, clearance. This means it will be going to clearance soon.