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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Harris Teeter Tripples - Saved $41.41 Spent $9.43

Yes, I was one of the crazies out this morning waiting at the door when my Harris Teeter opened. It's been at least a year since my store has had triples so alot of people were out early after the bargains. Needless to say I'm not thrilled with my trip today to say the least. Total I spent $9.43 and saved $41.41.

I bought:

2 boxes of klennex
3 small cans of French's fried onions
2 bottles of Welch's Jelly
1 can of black pepper
1 bottle of bacon bits
3 4pck dole fruit parfaits
3 4pck dole fruit crisp
1 20z bottle of palmolive dish soap
1 box of ritz crackerfuls
1 3lb. bag of 9lives cat food

I had a raincheck for the crackerfuls plus a .75 coupon so these were free along with the mccormick black and pepper and the bacon bits. We were completely out of cat food so I didn't have a choice but to get it. It was on sale and I had a coupon which is why I got the kind I did.

Well that's it for trip #1. We would love to hear about your HT bargins this week. Leave them below in the comment section

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  1. I went after work, so around 9, all the items you named were gone, empty shelves. Did get some Luigi Ice free. Got the Whisk detergent with the 2.00 coupon it was 1.47. Thought that was a decent price.And got the cat food since we needed some too. Duncan Hines brownies were .50. Not a great trip but I am thinking I like doubles much better. Am still new to couponing but don't think I will ever be a binder couponer. But wow am surprised how many people do have them.