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Saturday, December 18, 2010

If It's Free It's For Me!!

Yesterday I went to Rite Aid and had $3 in UP Rewards to spend. I'm loving the Herbal Essence Shampoo. It was on sale 2/$5.oo. I had a .50 coupon so I got one for $2.00. I also got 10 digital prints for .99. I got the pictures and shampoo both for free using my UP Rewards. I did have to buy a .33 candy to make up for the penny I was off. It was certainly worth it to get the shampoo and pictures for free.

I just got back from CVS and scanned my card at the red coupon machine. It printed a coupon for $2 off any advil pain relief items. I bought 2 of the travel 4 ct. for .99 each and got them both for free with using the coupon.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Free, Free, Free!!!

I got several items free this week using my coupons. I had a free catalina coupon from Harris Teeter for 1 free pouch of Idaho potatoes. I also got a free pack of tic tacs, and a free zone perfect cookie dough bar also atHarris Teeter.

I had a .75 off coupon for the tic tacs that doubled and they were only $1.25. I had a free coupon for a cookie dough zone perfect bar. I also had a $1 coupon for crest toothpaste. I got the toothpaste for free at Dollar General. I've found out that the $ Store is the best place to redeem your $1 toothpaste coupons, it can score you free toothpaste!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spent .38 saved $20.49 at Harris Teeter

Today I went to Harris Teeter and did extremely well. I used my last $ off your next order coupon I got from a few weeks ago. This week it was $8 off.

I bought:

2 boxes of Fiber 1 Honey Clusters cereal
2 jars of Peter Pan Peanut Butter
1 bottle of bacon bits
1 bottle of sobe water
1 carton of silk soymilk

My total was .38 .14 of the 38 was tax. Keep in mind I did use my $8 off coupon as well as addition coupons for the peanut butter, cereal, and soymilk.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Love Free Stuff- Paid $1.01 Saved $20.74

Today after church I went to Harris Teeter for a quick trip. I had a few coupons that expired today and also wanted to get to the store before they got wiped out again. I bought 2 boxes of kotex lightdays, 2 4packs of Activia w/ Fiber, 1 colgate toothpaste, and 3 25 oz. bottles of 7th Generation dish liquid. I only paid $1.01 for all this .51 of that was tax. Everything was free except for the toothpaste and it was only .50.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free Toothpaste @ Food Lion This Weekend

Coming up at Food Lion starting Fri. on the 3 day sale that goes through Sunday Crest toothpaste 4-6oz is on sale for $1. In the 10/31 Proctor & Gamble coupon insert there is a $1/1 crest toothpaste 4oz or larger. This is a great time to stock up on toothpaste. Food Lion has no limit on how many coupons you can use in one transaction, but remember this sale doesn't last all week just fri-sun.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spent .58 Saved $24.39 @ Harris Teeter

I have totally been getting all kinds of free stuff the past few days. Yesterday I went to Harris Teeter and everything I purchased I got for free. I only paid .58 which was all tax and saved $24.39.

I bought :

5 twin packs of kid's G.U.M crayola toothbrushes

the toothbrushes were on sale 2/$3

used (5) .75/1 g.u.m toothbrush coupons

5 Colgate toothpaste 3oz reg. $1.39 each

used (5) .75/1 any colgate toothpaste coupons

I also got one 12 count pack of dessert slider cookies free on evic.

One key is to save coupons you don't think you would actually need. .75 coupons are good to clip especially if you have a Harris Teeter nearby that doubles and triples occassionally, you never know what sales are going to come up either.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rite Aid Savings

Today I went to Rite Aid and got some free stuff and more great deals. The small bottles of Gain dish soap are on sale this week for .89. There was a coupon in the inserts last week for $1/1 gain dish liquid. All the Maybelline cosmetics are 40% off. I also had a $1/1 maybelline coupon. I got 25 digital prints developed for $2.49. There was a in-ad coupon in the paper for the digital prints. That's less than .10 a print which is a great deal.
The mascara was regularly $5.19 and on sale for $3.11. Minus my $1 coupon I paid $2.11 for it. The 3 bottles of gain were free after the coupons. So after all coupons I paid only $5.24 for 3 gain, 1 maybelline mascara, and 25 digital prints.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recipe Hunt

Everyone loves to try a new recipe once in a while. It gets old eating the same thing over and over, even though we have our favorites. I thought with the cooler weather on the way this weekend now would be a good time to share recipes with one another. What's a favorite recipe you enjoy making for your family? Let's try to keep it to main dishes and sides. Please share yours and come back to read others. I'm looking for some new recipe's so thought this would be a fun way for us to share. Tell us about your favorite recipe in the comments section below.

CVS Deals

This week CVS has their Purex 3 In 1 Sheets on sale for Buy 1 Get 1 Free. It's the detergent, softener, and anti-static all in one sheet. These go in the washer and then you transfer to the dryer with your clothes. There were $3/1 coupons in the 10/10 inserts. I had somewhat of a problem getting the deal. The 3 In 1 Sheets were ringing up $9.19 Buy 1 Get 1 Free. The sign said sheets or liquid Buy 1 Get 1 Free 6.49. They have to honor the sign in a case like this so because I read the sign and mentioned it I got two of the 3 In 1 Sheets for $6.49 I had 2 of the $3/1 coupons So I got 2 packs of the 3 In 1 Sheets for .49! This is why it pays to always notice the signs and what they charge you at the register and say something if the shelf price is cheaper!!

I also got a small bag of the brach's candy pumpkins for free. This week the red coupon machine is printing out $1 coupons of brach's candy. The small bags of candy corn or pumpkins are on sale for .99 Always scan your card when you go in at the big red machine. You can use these coupons with regular manufactor coupons for great savings.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How You Can Get Free Tuna

This week at Harris Teeter you can score a free pouch of Starkist tuna. Go to Starkist tuna's facebook page. You even don't have to "like" them to get the coupon. Click on the coupon tab then at the bottom of the advertisement in small letters you'll see print your coupon. Click there and you'll get a coupon for .50/1 Starkist pouch product. There is one Starkist pouch on sale this week at Harris Teeter so after the coupon doubles it will be free! You can print the coupon twice. So go grab you some free tuna. Even if you don't like it for yourself you could always get it since it's free and donate it to a food pantry.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time For Another Giveaway

Hey Everyone!

It's time for another giveaway here at JJ Frugal Friends. We hope to have more people join in on the fun than we did last time. We have tons of coupons, inserts and non-inserts to give away. Just leave us a comment and let us know what you're looking forward to about fall. If we don't know you personally leave us an e-mail address where we can e-mail you if you win. You have 12 hours til 10:30 pm tonight to get all your friends to enter. Your comments will not be included in the drawing after 10:30 pm tonight. Look for a winner tomorrow morning. will pick the winner. Have fun! Our goal is to get 30 people to enter the giveaway.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fiber One Deal @ CVS

This week I scored 2 boxes of Fiber One Honey Clusters @ CVS for .60 including tax! It was on sale 2/$5.00, I had a $1.50/2 coupon plus $3 in ECB's from last week. Yummy, cheap,nutritious cereal you can't beat .60 for 2 boxes!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Can You Get For Free This Week At Harris Teeter

Tomorrow starts a week of super double coupons at Harris Teeter. I'm so excited, I've found several things you can get for completely free. I wanted to share with you so you could also take advantage of these great deals.

These coupons were in the 8/8 inserts (this past Sun.) in the paper.

Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese Dinner on sale for $1.99
Coupon is for $1/1= free after doubles to $2.00

Seventh Generation Dish Washing Liquid on sale for $1.99
Coupon is for $1/1 seventh generation product= free after doubles to $2.00

Activia yougurt on sale for $1.97
Coupon is for $1/1= free after doubles to $2.00

There are also great deals for items that coupons were in past inserts.

Welch's jelly on e-vic for .97 (I think you have to buy 3 for this price) There were coupons a few weeks ago for .55/1 welch's jelly. After the coupon it would be free! Also peter pan peanut butter is on sale for .97. There was a .60/1 coupon 2 weeks ago for this after this coupon doubles it would also be free.

Johnson & Johnson baby bar soap is free with the $1/1 Johnson baby product coupon from several months ago.

You can also get 4pack pudding cheap this week. Snack Pack has their pudding for $1. There was a coupon a few weeks ago for .30/2. Doubled this would be only paying $1.40 for 2 4 packs of pudding.

We would love to hear your saving stories. If you find other good deals please comment!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Saved $31.98 at Harris Teeter- Kellogg's Bargins

I went to Harris Teeter this week and had a blast shopping with all the great deals matched up with coupons. My store had Kellogg's cereal, poptarts, and nutri-grain bars 50% off this week.

I purchased:

5 boxes of Kellogg's nutri-grain bars
4 boxes of Kellogg's poptarts
2 jars of Welch's grape jelly
2 jars of Peter Pan peanut butter
1 3lb bag of 9 Lives cat food

paid out of pocket: $9.93

I was only one item away from having enough to do the Kellogg's catalina. If you purchase 10 kellogg's items in one order you get a $10 coupon off you next shopping order. I'm waiting on more coupons in the mail and plan to go back soon to stock up some more before these sales end.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Goodwill Online

For those of you like us who live a thousand miles away from Goodwill... We have a solution for MORE consignment shopping. There is an ebay style shopping experience now at More unique items than you could find online anywhere. Items are shipped all over the United States. Go check it out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spent $9 saved $18 @ Rite Aid

This week I only went to Rite Aid.

I bought :

2 boxes of klennex
1 Febreeze
1 Febreeze Air Effects
2 Glade air freshners
2 Zone Perfect bars
1 large bottle of Maalox chewables
1 120z liquid Maalox
2 boxes of Fiber 1 cereal

I spent $8.05 + $1.23 tax=$9.28 out of pocket

coupon matchups
$1 off 2 klennex video values coupon
.50 off 2 klennex coupon
$2.50/2 Maalox
Maalox on sale Buy 1 get 1 free
Fiber 1 Buy 1 get 1 free used (2) .75 coupons
Zone bars Buy 1 Get 1 50% off used (2) .55 coupons
Febreeze on sale $2.49+ $1 single check rebate
Coupon to get 2nd febreeze free
Glade on sale .99 used 2 $1.00 coupons made them free

My total savings were $18.09

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spent $4.95 saved $41.93 with Super Doubles at Harris Teeter

Yesterday I went to Harris Teeter for trip 1 of super doubles.
I had a $10.00 giftcard I used to pay for this transaction.

What I got totally free:
3 boxes of Uncle Ben's Rice
2 4 packs of Angel Soft toilet paper
1 sure deodorant
2 packs of borden cheese singles
3 packs of Dentyne gum
1 box of kraft organic mac & cheese

Stuff I got almost free:

2 cartons of soy milk .49 each
3 deli creations .50 each
1 box of south beach protein bars .50
1 pack of chinet plates .50
1 pack of chinet dessert plates .50

total: $4.95 .97 was tax
saved $41.93

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paid $0.00 Out Of Pocket- Got $5 ECB's at CVS

Sorry we have been such blog slackers around here but that's what happens when you get busy with life!

I found time to go to CVS yesterday. I was wanting to use some Extra Care bucks and get some back. I didn't really want to spend the ECB's I had on stuff I really didn't need. I went in the store with $10 extra care bucks. The colgate total was on sale for $2.99 and you get $2 ecb's back. I had 2 manuf. coupons and 1 store coupon for the toothpaste. I bought 2 toothpaste and had a $1.00 off 2 skippy peanut butter coupon that I got out of the red coupon machine. I scanned my card at the machine when I went in and received a coupon for 10% off ( I think) of my order good for 3 days only. Always give them your extra care bucks first before handing over your additional coupons. With all these coupons my total ended up being in the negative, the cashier was a young guy and was very nice and kept on adding tax til my total was $0.00 I got $5 in ecb's back! $4 for 2 toothpaste and $1 for the green bag tag.

If you don't know what the green bag tag is it's a tag that you buy for .99 and attach to any reusable shopping bag, have the card scanned each time you shop and after 4 scans on 4 different days it will print out a $1.00 extra care buck on anything.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rite Aid, Food Lion, and Harris Teeter Deals

Rite Aid-

4 packs of Carefree pantyliners

Out of pocket: .27

on sale for .99 had 4 $1.00 off coupons

Food Lion-

1 jar of Classico pasta sauce
1 80z Daisy Light Sour Cream
2 Hunts Mandwich Bold

Out of pocket- $1.60
Total savings- $5.49

pasta sauce on sale $2.00, had $1.50 off coupon
sour cream on sale $1.00, had .50 coupon
mandwich on sale $1.00, had $1.50 off 2 coupon

Harris Teeter
6 200z Rasin Bran
4 King size packs of M&M's

out of pocket-$7.19
Total savings $17.87

cereal Buy 1 Get 1 Free
plus 2 $1.50 0ff 3 coupons
M&M's Buy 1 Get 1 Free
plus 2 .75 off coupons

Friday, June 4, 2010

Grocery shopping tip for lowering meat costs

If you have boys or men to feed you know that meat in your meals is usually a must (atleast at my house). With rising costs of all types of beef, chicken, pork and even turkey, I found a great way to cut cost. Start looking for the day of expiration date. Most packages say use or freeze by such a date but most stores mark the meat down on that date. Look for special stickers or coupons attached. You might question if it is still fresh enough? Compare it to other packages there that have a later date. Is it the same color or texture plus once you get it home open it and smell. You will know if it's bad. But the cost savings is huge. Just yesterday I bought 3lbs. of fresh ground turkey for $1.50!!! I saved $12 from the original price. Now there is a little more work involved because I get in the habit of bringing it home and cooking it right way (within 24 hrs) If it's not being used for that nights dinner in to the freezer it goes, ready for the next meal. This works great for quick summer grilling too!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spent .99 saved $24, plus 2 packs FREE cookies

I probably did my best ever at Harris Teeter yesterday. The 10 pack bakery cookies with icing and sprinkles were on e-vic for .99. There was obviously a glitch in the system when I checked out because I got two packs free! They rang up and showed I owed $0.00! Then the cashier rang up the rest of my groceries. My whole order looked like this:

2 packs of bakery cookies
1 box of Ritz cheese crackers
4 vitamin waters
3 pouches of cat treats
1 bag of Halls cough drops

I saved $24.89 and only had to pay .99! .50 was tax and the .49 was on the ritz crackers!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Recipe of the Week

Spinach and Pepper Pita Pizzas

serves 4 10 minutes

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees
2. Place 4 mini whole wheat pitas on a baking sheet. Top with 2 oz. thinly sliced spinach (2 cups), 1/2 cup sliced roasted red peppers and 2-3oz. shredded cheese (dill flavored havarti is yummy but mozzarella works well too).
3. Season with coarse salt and ground pepper. Bake until cheese is bubbly and golden brown about 5 minutes


Harris Teeter Super Doubles

I went to Harris Teeter Thurs and did really well.

I got a bunch of items free. The items I got free were the 44oz. Classico pasta sauce, 2 large bottles of Pert shampoo (they were signed wrong 2/$5.00 so they honored that price), 3 bags of Prina cat treats, 1 sure deodorant, 1 can of Mccormick cinnamon, and 1 Johnson's baby bar of soap all free! I also bought a pack of Always pads, 1 deli creation lunchable, 1 single california kitchen pizza, and 6 tony's pizzas. I got everything for $4.60! This trip I saved $41.85.

Sorry if this sound choppy! I just woke up and am not awake yet :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

$1.50 off Cottonelle coupon

Hurry and print this HOT $1.50 off ANY Cottonelle printable while they last. This makes for some pretty cheap toilet paper since you can get the small packs. Coupon can be printed twice!

This will work great with super doubles or anywhere!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Was Paid To Shop @ CVS & Food Lion

I did really well this week and was paid to shop at both CVS and Food Lion.

Food Lion has Lunchables on sale for 4/$5.00. I bought 4 and used 4 $1.00 off coupons and paid .25 each for them. The lunchables are also printing out $1.00 off your next shopping order coupons. One prints for each lunchable you buy. So in all I spent $1.12 including tax and got coupons for $4 off my next order!

I have recently started doing the extra care bucks at cvs and am really glad I have. The CVS batteries are on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free. I got 2 packs of D batteries ($4.29) and 1 was free. I also bought a tube of crest pro health toothpaste. This was on sale for $3.50 plus you got $3.50 in extra care bucks backs (which is like $3.50 off your next order). I had a .75 crest coupon I used and $5 in extra care bucks.

After my coupons and after the extra care bucks I paid with I only had to pay $2.11 out of pocket. Keep in mind I also got the $3.50 extra care bucks to use later. Batteries aren't cheap and I just got 2 packs plus toothpaste!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ice Packs for Less

With the temperatures climbing already it's time to dust off your coolers and fire up the grill. My mom taught me this trick and it works great. Keep your butter or cool whip containers and fill them with water. Freeze them overnight and you have instant ice packs. It is free plus you have extra water to drink when they melt.

HOT Dr. Pepper Coupon: $0.60 off one 2 Litter Bottle or 12 ct Pack

Here's an awesome deal on 2 liter Dr. Pepper. You can get a coupon for .60 off (1) 2 liter or a 12ct. pack. If you want some free soda the best thing would be is to save it for triples and then you could get a free 2liter! They're regularly $1.79 at Harris Teeter. If you didn't want to save it, it would still be a fairly good deal anyway.
HOT Dr. Pepper Coupon: $0.60 off one 2 Litter Bottle or 12 ct Pack

Make your own convenience foods

One of the best ways to quickly lower your grocery bill is to cut out convenience foods. But what about those days when you need quick and easy. Make your own ahead of time for the week or month. Make an extra batch of waffles or muffins and freeze them. Invest in lots of snack and sandwich bags or reusable containers for individual servings of fruits and veggies. Then cut up and divide for that weeks lunches. Cut big blocks of cheese into cubes or make your own trail mix. Don't waste money on individual bags of chips or cookies just divide a big bag into smaller bag servings and store in a large container until needed. Get the whole family involved by forming an assembly-line. Even dinner can be put together like your favorite Stouffer's meal. When needed just heat and eat. Look where convenience is costing you and find a creative way to duplicate it for less.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Free Deodorant at Walgreen's

This week at Walgreen's you can get free Sure deodorant. Use the 2/$3.00 coupon that was in sunday's sales add. Also use 2 of the $1.50 off sure for men or women manuf. coupon that was in the coupon insert. I paid .23 for 2! That was just tax!

Tuesday's Deals

I just got back from Harris Teeter. The last day of triple coupons. I went with a friend who is in the very beginning stages of couponing. I had fun helping her use the coupons she had to get stuff cheap.

I bought (3) 6oz tubes of crest toothpaste, 1 pack of the mystery gum, and a loaf of Nature's Pride Oven Classics Whole Wheat bread.

The bread was free on e-vic so I got it completely free!!

I got everything for $1.02!

The toothpaste was 2/$5.00 and I had (3) .75 coupons that tripled.The bread was free on e-vic so I got it completely free!! I had a coupon for the gum too, and after it tripled the gum was also free.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Decorate on the cheap

Here is how I find ways to decorate my house on the cheap and still stay in style.Make a list of the types of things you're looking for curtains, lampshades or whatever. Keep in mind the colors and patterns that suit your overall decor. Then start browsing your favorite consignment shops, retail stores or even wal-mart but always look in the clearance or damages first. Don't forget to search in seasonal areas too. Many items you will find can be used all year. The catch is don't go "looking" for the perfect item, let that item find you.
Here is a great pair of lampshades that found me. I was browsing a clearance aisle in wal-mart and there in a pile of unrelated items-blanket, lunch coolers and something I wasn't too sure what it was used for... I found them. Originally $14.97 but now only $1.50!!!
There is a down side to my method, it will take longer to find your items, but if you are not in a hurry or just redecorating this can save you tons of cash. Plus if you're like me the "hunt" is half the fun. Happy Hunting

Harris Teeter Triples- Day 2

I went back to Harris Teeter this morning for day 2. I saved $27.78 with coupons and my vic.

I bought:

1 20oz. Palmolive dish soap
2 bottles of mentos gum
2 pouches of Betty Crocker potatoes
1 jar of Dole mandarin oranges
2 boxes of Uncle Ben's Rice
3 boxes of frozen green beans
2 bags of frozen brown rice
1 bag of flipz chocolate covered pretzels

paid- $4.00 including tax!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Harris Teeter Triples- Day 1

I was so excited about triple's today I woke up before 4am! Crazy I know, but true.

I tried to get the stuff I knew we could really use and not just the free stuff that wasn't as necessary.

1 Frechetta Pizza
3 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners
1 Warm Delights brownie bowls
3 betty crocker potatoe pouches
2 cans of Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup
1 box of Act II popcorn
1 bag of green valley fresh steamers frozen vegetables
3 boxes of frozen green beans
1 bag of shredded reduced sodium chesse
1 box of Farm Rich Cheese sticks
1 big jar of Welch's grape jelly
1 half gallon of White Wave soy milk

I got the shredded cheese and the cheese sticks- free!

grand total- paid out of pocket- $11.58
my savings was- $45.87

How To Shop Rie Aid

Ok, here's the post that was promised on how to get the best deals at Rite Aid and pay the least amount possible.

Rite Aid has a video values program. By going on Rite Aid's website you can watch video clips about different products they sale. The videos are approx. 30 seconds- 2 min. each. After you watch a video all you have to do is enter the security code that's given. You can chose which videos you watch by category, brand, etc. Each video will give you a coupon for that product or similar product by that brand. Each video is worth 1-2 credits. When you watch enough videos and earn 20 credits you can print a $5 off $20 coupon. You can chose which coupons you want to print. They're stored in your account so you can go back later and print the ones you haven't previously printed.

The great thing about these coupons is that you can use them with manuf. coupons and in ad coupons. Therefore you can use up to 3 coupons on one item! Paired with sales this could give you some really cheap stuff! I used a video value coupon today with a manuf. coupon and got Johnson and Johnson Baby Lotion on clearance for .41! Don't forget to check the clearance racks.

Rite Aid has recently started a Welness Program. This is similar to CVS extra care program. You sign up for a card, have it scanned every time you make a purchase. You earn 1 point for every $ spent on non perscription purchases, 25 points on pharmancy. When you get so many points you get extra savings off everything you buy every day etc. They also send you printable coupons too.

Happy shopping at Rite Aid!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Printable High Value Coupons- free with triples!

There is a new high value Crescent Rolls coupon available. If your store doubles (or triples) this will make for FREE rolls!

.70/1 Crescent Rolls printable

(thanks Merissa!)

If you are a Harris Teeter fan, one more to print for tomorrow…

-.75/1 Summer’s Eve product (will make 12 oz body wash FREE)

Thanks Southern Savers

Tip Of The Day

Hi Everyone!

Here is your tip of the day!

Do you ever check the clearance shelves in the drug stores? Well, you should! You can use coupons on clearance items and get them even cheaper. I've gotten several things on clearance at Rite Aid and used several coupons on these items and saved quite a bit. It's not just at Rite Aid you can use coupons on clearance items anywhere! Don't just assume it's all junky stuff on clearance and walk right by! It's worth your time to stop and look.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Rite Aid Bargins

Rite Aid has many good deals this week. They're made even better when paired with in ad coupons and manuf. coupons from this week's paper.

1 pck. of Revelon eye shaddow
2 bottles of Johnson and Johnson baby lotions
3 6oz. tubes of Colgate total toothpaste
1 can of Raid Ant spray
1 Lady Speed Stick deodorant

paid- $4.78

I had a $2 off any revelon product coupon, plus a video value rite aid coupon for $2 off any cosmetic purchase over $2.99
The toothpaste was 3/$6.99 and I used 3 .75 coupons
The baby products were half price on clearance, then I used 2 $1 coupons on each
There was an in ad coupon for the ant spray that was $1.99
The deodorant also had an in ad coupon making plus a manuf. coupon making it .50

I also had a coupon for $5 off $20 purchase.

Rite Aid Monday Savings (April19th)

I know this is a week late but last week we weren't blogging due to the giveaway. I will be posting a post later this week on how to shop at Rite Aid and how you can get these deals too.

Last week I bought:

1 bottle of Listerine mouthwash
2 bags of jelly beans
10 packs of bubble gum eggs
1 box of kotex lightdays
1 5oz bag of Bugles
2 Reece's dark chococlate peanut butter cups
1 bottle of Mentos gum
2 bottles of Sundown vitamins

This all was $21 before coupons
I used a $5 off coupon $20 purchase
$2 off vitamin purchase coupon
$1.00 off Sundown coupon- on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free
$1.00 kotex coupon
.25 off Bugles coupon- on sale .99
Easter candy was 75% off

I walked out of Rite Aid paying only $7.70 for all this!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Winners Are...

Congratulations to our giveaway winners Andrea and Shanna! Be sure to contact us within 48 hrs. ladies at with your mailing address. Thank you to everyone who entered and shared your ideas. Look for new and exciting things coming soon!

Friday, April 16, 2010

1,000 Hits Giveaway

Hi everyone!
We have made it to 1,000 hits!!! To celebrate we've decided to give away some prizes but we need your help. There are 3 ways to enter and if you do all 3 you'll increase your chances of winning.

1: Become a follower on our blog (our current followers are already entered once)

2: Leave a comment below on this post about how we can improve our blog (things you would like to see or what would encourage you to continue coming back)

3: Leave another comment on the next post below with your favorite frugal tips

For your efforts we're giving away 2 prizes by random drawing- $100 in coupons or a surprise frugal gift pack!
Deadline to enter is Friday April 23 @ 12am
We will be posting the winners user names and you will have 48 hours to email us @ with your name and address. (anonymous user's names must leave a name in their post to qualify)

Good Luck and God Bless

Your Frugal Tips

We can't wait to read all of your frugal tips. Leave them below in the comments. Hope you win one of our fun prizes. Even when the giveaway is over be sure to come back and share more tips!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Four Free Items- Paid No Tax On Two

This week I did really good on getting free stuff.

I bought two rolls of CVS toilet paper, they were on sale 2/$1.00. I had a store coupon for $1 off any cvs paper product. I didn't even have to pay tax! The cashier was surprised too! Yesterday I went to Family Dollar and used my 2 coupons for $3 off Snuggle Dryer Sheets. They are regularly $3 a box for 70 ct. at Family Dollar. I only had to pay tax on the two boxes which was .47 for both of them. I had a young guy cashier and he couldn't believe how cheap I got them. I told him it was what you called knowing how to coupon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Yard Sale Tips

Do you love shopping for furniture, clothes, and little things for your house? Do you like to buy adorable name brand clothes, unique toys, and useful gear for your kiddos? Are you in need of some kitchen appliances, plates and silverware, or a nice serving dish? Do you also hate the ridiculous price tags attached to these items? Then it looks like you need to learn how to shop at yard sales! If you feel a little overwhelmed about starting a yard sale treasure hunt, here are some tips for a more successful “shopping” trip.

Planning is Key

  • Plan what you want to buy - Have an idea of the items that you want or need so that you don’t wander around aimlessly. Sarah at Clover Lane talks about how she keeps an index card in her purse with the items and specific measurements for which she is looking. By doing so, she was able to furnish her whole house for a great price. When buying clothes for children, it might be a good idea to bring the child or one of his outfits along with you to make sure they will fit. Second, know a few name brands before you go. For example, I’m not going to buy second hand Walmart (Faded Glory) clothes even for 50 cents, but I would buy an Ann Taylor sweater for $2. Last, remember that some items should NEVER be purchased second hand, such as breast pumps and car seats. Yard Sale Queen has a great list of items not to buy. Remember that safety regulations are always changing and that many companies recall toys, appliances, etc. that have been proven to be unsafe. Be sure to check the safety and quality of each item before you purchase it.
  • Plan what you want to spend - A good budget is important to saving money. You may have only spent $20 on a car load of stuff from yard sales, but if that means you can’t buy groceries later that week, then you did yourself and your family a disservice. If you are searching yard sales for a couch, make sure you have decided beforehand what you are willing/able to pay for one, but try to be fair. It is unlikely that you are going to find a seller willing to let a couch in good condition go for only $10. Make sure that you have enough cash on hand to pay for the item, as most sellers are not willing to accept any other form of payment. Be sure to give yourself a little wiggle room in case you find a deal that can’t be passed up, even if it isn’t on your list.
  • Plan when/where are you going to look for it - First, check local papers and the online resources listed below for advertisements. Most sellers will give a quick description of their items in their ad, giving you an idea of which sales you want to be sure to visit. In most cases, neighborhood or church sales are a better option than individual sales. They provide many items in one location, giving you a better selection and saving you time and gas money. Also look for sellers who really want to get rid of stuff, for example moving and estate sales. In planning your arrival time, keep in mind that the best items are available early in the day. Some sellers will even allow buyers to purchase items before they have officially opened for business. However, the best deals are often available later in the day, as the seller is more interested in moving the merchandise. Last, remember that the more you shop the more you will find. Maybe you will make yard sale shopping part of your weekly errand run (during the yard sale season) or maybe you will keep track of your favorite annual sales on your calendar and plan to make a yearly visit. But, even the one stop you make a summer could result in some serious savings. Just go as often as your schedule allows.

But Flexibility Doesn’t Hurt

(The advice here may seem to be the exact opposite of my first point, but every frugal shopper knows that deal seeking requires a delicate balance.)

  • Flex on purchases - Just because something is on your list doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it. You may not be looking for a new tablecloth, but if you find one that you love and it is $1, go for it! Or maybe you stumbled upon a tea cup that will make the perfect gift for a friend, or your next crafting project. Yard sales and their wares are unique, so don’t pass up an opportunity to buy something at an amazing price just because it isn’t on your list. This is similar to the overall principle of Southern Savers. You stock up when the prices hit rock bottom, even if you don’t need the item at the moment. A few words of caution: 1) stay in your overall cash budget, and 2) don’t buy something you will never use just because it is an incredible price. Remember, a clutter free home is priceless! Use your best common sense when making purchases at yard sales.
  • Flex on prices - You may have planned to spend $20 on a bookshelf, but find one that is absolutely amazing for $30. Your first option is to barter with the seller. They might meet you in the middle, or they might take your offer. Haggling is acceptable at a yard sale, but remember that you are far more likely to get a good deal if you are cheerful and polite. If the seller will not lower the price, your second option is to try to come back later in the day. You risk someone else buying it, but then again you might find a better one at the next sale. If you seem to hit it off with the seller and feel comfortable leaving your number, you could ask them to call at the end of the day if the item has not sold.
  • A word about haggling - It really only applies to higher priced items. It is not considered in good taste to offer a quarter for something that is already marked at 50 cents. (C’mon folks, where else can you take a dollar and actually not spend it all in one place?) However, to work a deal with smaller items, buy several of them. For example, I once went to a yard sale where they had a big bin of matchbox cars for a quarter each. I offered the seller a couple dollars for the whole bin, and she took the offer (it was later in the day), so I got them for my nephew. Another example is lamps. If a seller has two or three identical lamps for $4 each, ask if they will take $10 for all three.

Have Some Fun

Be a serious deal hunter, but don’t make shopping a drag. Just as well planned grocery trip is much smoother than a quick run close to meal time, there are a few things you can do to make treasure hunting more enjoyable. Don’t go when you’re hungry, tired, the weather is bad, or you’re in a rush. Bring some snacks and a water bottle. Leave the kids at home if at all possible. Bring a friend or family member who loves to bargain hunt as much as you do. Do what ever you can to make yourself comfortable and calm so that you can lengthen and enjoy the experience.

Last, as you peruse items spread out over lawns, garages, and church parking lots remember to look past the current state of an object and see its potential. Sometimes an item can be re-purposed for another function, fixed if it is broken, or beautified if it is ugly. A coat of paint can revamp a piece of furniture. A scrap of ribbon or lace can change a boring lampshade into a unique piece. An old galvanized wash tub can become a tub for serving drinks at a cookout (this is an actual deal that I got for $1). There are an infinite number of things that can be turned into unique storage containers. Keep an open mind and be creative!

Thanks Southern Savers

Friday, April 9, 2010

Free Bacon- Paid No Tax!

This week Harris Teeter had Oscar Mayer 12oz turkey bacon on sale for .99. I had a .75 coupon from a few weeks ago off any oscar mayer bacon. I used the coupon and the computer tried to double it, but it was more than the bacon cost so they just subtracted the $1.01 I owed off the coupon! Nothing like free, not even paying tax! I was prepared to pay it but wasn't going to argue with them :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Printable For O.J.

Tropicana Juicy Rewards is offering another one day only printable coupon for orange juice. Today only use 1 Juicy Reward point to get:

B1G1 Trop50 Juice 59 oz

If you are new to Juicy Rewards you can use these codes when you sign up to start out with some points.


Use your points for discounts to museums, online shopping, printable coupons, or save the rain forest.

A deal this week

Head to Walgreens and get:

$1 RR wyb (2) Tropicana Juices $3 ea

**Deal Idea**
Buy: (2) Trop50 Juice $3
Use: B1G1 printable coupon
-$1 off Trop 50 RP 3/14
Total Due: $2
Get Back: $1 RR, makes it 50¢ ea

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Rebate, Spend $10 Get $25 In Coupons!

Conagra has a rebate going on now through the end of May. When you buy $10 of their products you will receive a $25 coupon booklet. Remember, with rebates you can pay less with coupons but the $10 will come off the actual shelf price. Some of the brands included are
  1. Hunts,
  2. Peter Pan,
  3. Hunts Manwich,
  4. Parkay, Snack Pack,
  5. Wesson,
  6. Pam,
  7. Banquet,
  8. Eggo Beaters
Here is the link for the rebate form. It says supercenter receipts on the form but from other bloggers who have done this rebate in the past, you don't have to purchase the items at wal-mart. Also the coupons in the coupon book begin with 9 so they can't be doubled. But I still think it would be a good rebate to do.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

P&G Rebate Extended

The Proctor and Gamble Rebate that was going to end April 15th has been extended to May 31st. If you're not familiar with this rebate if you buy $50 of P&G products you will receive a $100 coupon booklet. The $50 is before coupon and sale prices! I'm glad they have extended it because I'm not to my $50 yet!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tip Of The Day

Have you ever seen a coupon for something,couldn't remember the price, and wondered if it was really a good deal? Well now you can find the price for items at Harris Teeter without ever leaving home. Harris Teeter has a section on their site called the Express Lane. In the left corner you will see categories such as grocery etc. Click here and it will give you departments. You can also find items by brand. It will show you the regular price as well as sale price. This is very helpful when trying to find the best price using coupons.

Go to go under shopping, and click express lane, then the store nearest you.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Free nursing cover

Promo Code for Free Nursing Cover!

This is a fantastic deal for all our mommies out there and their friends. I got one like this for a gift and it is one of my favorite baby items. The code also works towards their gift sets (they subtract $32). has a new promotion going where you can get one nursing cover (regular price $32) free.

The code is "babiesonline".

Go to, click on "Shop Now", select the nursing cover of your choice, type in babiesonline and it will bring your product total to $0. All you pay is the S&H! You can use the code more than once - you just have to open a new browser/window to do so. Good Luck!


Monday Savings

Hope everyone had a good weekend and has gotten to take advantage of triple coupons this week.

I went again this morning to use the many good coupons that were in the paper yesterday. I spent the most I've spent this week but I know it was still a good deal because I got alot of stuff including meat.

My total out of pocket spending was $19.03. My coupons saved me $51.80!

I bought 3 packs of boneless skinless chicken breast, these were on sale Buy 1 Get 2 Free
3 6oz cans of French's Fried Onions
3 60z tubes of Colgate Max White tooth paste (.25 each!)
2 boxes of Uncle Ben's Rice
1 Warm Delight's brownie bowl
1 pack of Solo cups (free!)
3 pouches of Betty Crocker potatoes
2 jars of Skippy Peanut Butter
1 bag of 10 whole wheat tortilla wraps
1 box of 10 whole grain taco shells

Thursday, March 25, 2010

2nd Harris Teeter Trip

I went back to Harris Teeter again today. I thought that I would have spent more today than yesterday. Actually I didn't! I was very surprised!

(2) Lysol toilet bowl cleaners
(3) packs Trident Layers gum
(1) pack Mentos gum
(3) Zone Perfect protein bars
(4) cans of Dole Fruit
(2) bags of No Yolk noodles
(1) package of 2 brown rice bowls

How much did I spend out of pocket.....


I think I've figured out one of the keys to how to get stuff so cheap with using coupons. If you have a .55 coupon that triples, that would be $1.65 off. If the item only cost $1.00 the .65 overage would come off your other items purchased.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Triple Coupon Savings at Harris Teeter!

I just got back from Harris Teeter doing triple coupons and I did very well. I saved $38.05 with coupons and VIC card savings. I only spent $1.95!

I bought

(2) Lysol toilet bowl cleaner (received $8 Lysol coupons)
(3) Mentos gum
(2) 32 oz G2 gatorade
(1) 2oz. McCormick pepper
(3) Zone perfect protein bars
(1) Colgate total toothpaste 6oz
(2) 2 bags of Multigrain Mini rice cakes
(2) Martha white muffin mixes
(1) 9oz. pack of 50 solo cups

I got everything free except toilet cleaner, muffin mixes, and toothpaste. You do have to pay tax on coupons even if you get the stuff for free.

We would love to hear about your coupon savings this week!!! If you do triples let us know on here how you did. We love to hear your stories and see your comments.

Happy Savings!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend and it reminded me that I better get planting. is an organization that is providing seeds for food for families and communities. They will send you free seeds to get a garden started, have tips to help you become a better grower and recipes once you harvest your crops. Happy Gardening!

Tripple Coupon Matchups for Harris Teeter

Here is the start of your list of Free and great deals at Harris Teeter for the upcoming triples week. This doesn’t include anything from the weekly ad, I’ll have those deals for you on Monday.


They will triple coupons 99¢ or less, up to 20 coupons per day.

Because there are lots of regional variations with coupons and coupon values, your coupons maybe a different value than what is listed. I only listed the best coupon for all of these deals, but that doesn’t mean your slightly less coupon still isn’t a great deal.

The prices below are from the Charleston SC store.

Free Products

  • Coffee-Mate 16 oz Creamer $2.00
    -.75/1 Coffee-mate printable
  • Breakstone’s Sour Cream 16 oz $1.69
    -.60/1 Breakstones Sour Cream printable
    -.55/1 Breakstone’s Sour Cream SS 3/21
  • Shedd’s Spread Country Crock Spreadable Sticks $1.39
    -.50/1 Shedd’s Spread RP 3/7
    -.40/1 Shedd’s product printable
  • McCormick Spices $1.89-$2.00
    McCormick Extracts $2.99
    Buy 2 Get $1.50, Buy 3 get $2.50 off your next order (any Spice, Herb, Extract or Coloring)
    -.75/1 McCormick Spice, Herb, Extract, or Food Color, any RP 3/14
  • Bumble Bee Tuna Chunk Light Pouches $1.39
    -.55/1 Bumble Bee Pouch SS 2/21
  • Martha White Muffin Mix Yellow Corn 7.5 oz 65¢
    -.55/2 Martha White Mix RP 2/14
  • Mission Tortillas, Soft Taco or Burrito Size, $1.99
    -.75/1 Mission Tortillas SS 3/07
  • Old El Paso Green Chiles $1.65
    -.55/1 Old El Paso Chiles printable
  • Mahatma Rice Mixes 89¢
    -.75/2 Mahatma Mixes RP 2/07
  • Mahatma White Rice 16 oz $1.69
    -.75/1 Mahatma White or Whole Grain Brown Rice, RP 2/7
  • Barilla Whole Grain Pasta $1.45
    -.75/1 Barilla Whole Grain Pasta SS 3/07
  • Barilla Piccolini $1.45
    -.75/1 Barilla Piccolini SS 3/07
  • Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta $2.15
    -.75/1 Ronzoni Pasta printable
  • Mueller’s Whole Wheat Pasta $1.59
    -.55/1 off any Mueller’s Whole Wheat Pasta printable
  • Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles $1.19
    -.50/1 Yakisoba Noodles SS 1/03 (exp 3/31)
  • Welch’s Concord Grape Jelly 22 oz $1.67
    -.55/1 Welch’s Jelly SS 1/03
    -.75/1 Welch’s Jelly SS 1/03
  • Kraft BBQ Sauce 18 oz., $1.39
    -.55/1 Kraft BBQ “Give Hoe” Kraft booklet at Food Lion
  • Frank’s Red Hot Sauce 4.5 oz., $1.25
    -.50/1 Franks Sauce SS 1/24, 3/7 or printable
  • Ortega Taco Seasoning 99¢
    -.75/2 and Ortega Products SS 1/24 (exp 3/31)
  • Quaker True Delights Rice Snacks $2.19
    -.75/1 Quaker True Delights RP 2/14
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Dark Cups 89¢
    -.55/1 Reese’s Dark Cups SS 3/14
  • Mentos Gum $1.49
    -.55/1 Mentos Gum SS 2/21
  • Stride Gum $1.35
    -.50/1 Stride Mega Mystery Gum SS 3/14
  • Trident Layers Gum $1.55
    -.75/1 Trident Layers SS 2/7
  • Lifesavers Strings & Rings 7 oz bag $1.50
    -.50/1 Lifesavers Strings n’ Rings printable
  • Dawn Dish Soap 10.3 oz $1.39
    -.50/1 Dawn Soap Save-A-Lot home mailer
  • Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner B1G1 at $2.89 ($1.44)
    -.50/1 Lysol All Purpose Cleaner or Kitchen Cleaner SS 3/14
    -.75/1 Lysol All Purpose Cleaner or Kitchen Cleaner SS 3/14
  • Lysol Cleaner, All Purpose 4-In-1 B1G1 at $2.99 ($1.49)
    -.50/1 Lysol All Purpose Cleaner or Kitchen Cleaner SS 3/14
    -.75/1 Lysol All Purpose Cleaner or Kitchen Cleaner SS 3/14
  • Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner B1G1 at $2.69 ($1.34)
    -.50/1 Lysol Toilet Cleaner SS 3/14
    -.75/1 Lysol Toilet Cleaner SS 3/14

Other Good Deals

  • No Yolks $2.29
    -.75/1 No Yolks Noodles SS 2/21 (makes it 4¢)
    -.50/1 No Yolks Egg White Pasta Upromise eCoupon
    (free after Upromise savings!)
  • Beech-Nut Cookies Lets Grow! $2.29
    -.75/1 Beech-Nut Let’s Grow printable (makes it 4¢)
  • Carnation Evaporated Milk 5 oz can 79¢
    -.50/2 Carnation Evaporated Milk SS 1/24, or RP 3/21 (makes it 4¢ ea)
  • Mahatma White Rice 32 oz $2.29
    -.75/1 Mahatma White or Whole Grain Brown Rice, RP 2/7 (makes it 4¢)
  • Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes $1.25
    -.40/1 Betty Crocker Potatoes printable (makes it 5¢)
  • French’s Yellow Mustard 8 oz $1.59
    -.50/1 French’s Mustard SS 1/24 or printable (makes it 9¢)
  • Suave Deodorant 2.6 oz $2.35
    -.75/1 Suave Deodorant SS 3/14 (makes it 10¢)
  • Smart Balance Sour Cream $1.79
    -.55/1 Smart Balance Sour Cream in store dispenser (makes it 14¢)
  • General Foods International 6ct stick pk or 5ct envelopes $2.39
    -.75/1 off any General Foods International Product SS 3/21
  • Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies $2 *if sale continues
    -.60/1 Pepperidge Farm Cookies SS 2/21 (makes it 20¢)
  • SeaPak Popcorn Shrimp B1G1 at $4.95 ($2.47)
    -.75/1 off any Seapak item March All You Magazine (makes it 22¢)
  • Eggland’s Best Eggs, 1 dozen $2.49
    -.75/1 Eggland’s Best Cage Free Dozen or Organic Dozen Eggs SS 1/31 (makes it 24¢)
  • Dole All Natural Fruit Jar $2.50
    -.75/1 Dole Fruit Jar February All You Magazine or SS 1/10 (makes it 25¢)
  • DanActive $2.50
    -.75/1 DanActive Drinks SS 2/28 (makes it 25¢)
  • Welch’s Refrigerated Juice $2.50
    -.75/1 Welch’s Juice SS 3/14 (makes it 25¢)
  • Phillips Seafood Seasoning 6 oz $2.50
    -.75/1 Phillips Seafood Product, any SS 2/28 (makes it 25¢)
  • French’s Worcestershire Sauce $1.79
    -.50/1 French’s Worcestershire Sauce SS 1/24 or printable (makes it 29¢)
  • Texas Toast Croutons $1.85
    -.55/1 Texas Croutons SS 3/21 (makes it 30¢)
  • International Delight 16 oz: $1.99
    -.55/1 International Delight Creamer SS 3/07 or printable (makes it 34¢)
  • Luden’s Cough Drops 30ct bag $1.99
    -.55/1 Luden’s 30 ct bag SS 1/31 (exp 3/31) (makes it 34¢)
  • Ziploc Storage Bags with Slider Lock 15-20ct $2
    -.55/1 Ziploc Slider Bags SS 2/21 (makes it 35¢)
  • Tabasco Sauce 2 oz $1.89
    -.50/1 Tabasco Sauce printable (makes it 39¢)
  • House Autry Seafood Breader 8 oz $2.65
    -.75/1 House Autry Breader printable (makes it 40¢)
  • Shake ‘N Bake Coating Mix $2.65
    -.75/1 off any Shake ‘N Bake Product printable (makes it 40¢)
  • Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls, $2.69
    -.75/1 Jimmy Dean Bowls RP 3/07 (makes it 44¢)
  • Nature’s Own Thin Bagels $2.69
    -.75/1 Nature’s Own Bagels printable (makes it 44¢)
  • Oral-B Advantage Toothbrush $2.69
    -.75/1 Oral-B Advantage Toothbrush PG 2/21 (makes it 44¢)
  • Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter w/ Canola Oil 8 oz $1.95
    -.50/1 Land O Lakes spread printable (makes it 45¢)
  • Tetley Tea Family Size Bags 24 ct $2.29
    -.50/1 Tetley Tea printable
    -.60/1 Tetley Tea SS 3/14 (makes it 49¢)
  • French’s French Fried Onions $2.75
    -.75/1 French’s Onions Nov. All You or March Ladies HJ Magazines (makes it 50¢)
  • Breyer’s YoCrunch Yogurt 4pk $2.79
    -.75/1 Breyer’s YoCrunch printable (makes it 54¢)
  • Fleishmann’s Yeast 3 strip pk $1.79
    -.40/1 Fleishmann’s yeast SS 11/08, 12/06 (makes it 59¢)
  • Dannon Light & Fit 6 pk, $2.50
    -.60/1 Dannon Light & Fit SS 2/28 (makes it 70¢)
  • Wish-Bone Dressings 16 oz $2.99
    -.75/1 Wish-Bone Dressings printable (makes it 74¢)
  • Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon $2.99
    -.75/1 Oscar Mayer Bacon SS 3/21 (makes it 74¢)
  • Ziploc Containers 4 ct $2.99
    -.75/1 Ziploc Containers coupon inside various Ziploc products (makes it 74¢)
  • Ban Invisible Solid Deodorant 3.6 oz $2.99
    -.75/1 Ban Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant, SS 3/7 (makes it 74¢)
  • Crest Toothpaste 6.4 oz $2.99
    -.75/1 Crest Toothpaste 4.0 oz + PG 3/7 (makes it 74¢)
  • McCain Frozen Potato Product 20-26 oz $3
    -.75/1 McCain Frozen Potato Products, SS 2/28 (makes it 75¢)
  • Planters NUTrition Bars $2.50-$3.09
    -.75/1 Plantes NUTrition SS 2/21 (makes it 25-84¢)
  • Rold Gold Pretzels, $2.50
    -.55/1 Rold Gold Pretzels SS 2/28 (makes it 85¢)
  • Easy-Off Glass Top Cleaner $3.19
    -.75/1 Easy-Off Cleaner SS 3/14 (makes it 94¢)
  • Fiber One Toaster Pastry $2.59
    -.55/1 Fiber One Pastry printable (makes it 94¢)
  • Special K Fruit Crisps $3.19
    -.75/1 Special K Fruit Crisps, 10 ct. + RP 2/21
  • Silk Soy Milk 64 oz., $3.19
    -.75/1 Silk printable (makes it 94¢)
  • Super Pretzels $2.50
    -.50/1 Super Pretzels RP 3/14, 2/21 or printable *zip 90210 (makes it $1)
  • Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Bars $3.29
    -.75/1 Kellogg’s Fiber Plus RP 1/31 (makes it $1.04)
  • Dole Frozen Fruit 16 oz $3.29
    -.75/1 Dole Frozen Fruit RP 3/07 (makes it $1.04)
  • Mr Clean Magic Eraser 2 ct $3.29
    -.75/1 Mr. Clean Eraser “Home Made Simple” home mailer (makes it $1.04)
  • Duncan Hines Whole Grain Muffin Mix $3.39
    -.75/1 Duncan Hines Whole Grain Muffin Mix printable (makes it $1.14)
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner $3.39
    -.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles SS 3/21 (makes it $1.14)
  • OxiClean Max Force Stick $3.45
    -.75/1 OxiClean stick or spray printable (makes it $1.20)
  • Sargento Salad or Potato Finishers $3.49
    -.75/1 Sargento Salad or Potato Finishers, SS 2/7 (makes it $1.24)
  • Reynolds Foil or Parchment Papers $3.49
    -.75/1 Reynolds Foil or Parchment SS 3/21 (makes it $1.24)
  • Splenda Cafe Sticks 40 ct $2.89
    -.55/1 off any Splenda product SS 2/28 (makes it $1.24)
  • Slim Jim Meat Sticks 16 ct $3.50
    -.75/1 Slim Jim meat sticks 16 ct. + SS 2/28 (makes it $1.25)
  • Newman’s Own Salad Dressing 16 oz $2.79
    -.50/1 Newman’s Own Dressing RP 3/21 (makes it $1.29)
  • Chex Cereal 14 oz $3.55
    -.75/1 Chex Cereal SS 2/21 printable (makes it $1.30)
  • Louisiana Fish Fry Cocktail Sauce $2.99
    -.55/1 Lousiana Fish Fry SS 2/28 (makes it $1.34)
  • Archway Cookies 9.25 oz $2.99
    -.55/1 Archway Cookies SS 2/07 (exp 3/31) (makes it $1.34)
  • Alexia Frozen Items $2.99
    -.55/1 Alexia Frozen Sides SS 3/21 (makes it $1.34)
  • Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner $3.69
    -.75/1 Mr. Clean Cleaner “Home Made Simple” home mailer (makes it $1.44)
  • V8 V-Fusion $3.75 ea
    -.75/1 V8-Fusion 46 oz SS 3/14 (makes it $1.50)
  • Marzetti Salad Dressing $2.79
    -.75/1 Marzetti Dressing SS 1/24, 3/21 (makes it $1.54)
    -$1/2 Marzetti Dressings Upromsie eCoupon
  • Smart Balance Milk $3.89
    -.75/1 Smart Balance Milk RP 3/21 (makes it $1.64)
  • Hormel Fully Cooked Bacon $3.99
    -.75/1 Hormel Fully Cooked Bacon printable (makes it $1.74)
  • Good Earth Tea $4.29
    -.75/1 Good Earth Tea, SS 3/14 (makes it $2.04)
  • Hebrew National Franks 7ct $4.79
    -.75/1 Hebrew national Beef hot dogs SS 3/7 (makes it $2.54)
  • Ball Park Angus Beef Franks $4.99
    -.75/1 Ball Park Angus product, RP 3/14 (makes it $2.74)
  • Meow Mix Cat Food 3.15 lb bag $5.35
    -.75/1 Meow Mix printable (makes it $3.10)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tripple Coupons!

Tripple coupons start next Wed. March 24th at Harris Teeter. They will run through the following Tues. The earlier in the week you go the better, everything gets picked over and gone quick during tripples!
Yay! I've been waiting on this for weeks!
Get your coupons ready now!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

$1.50 Coupon off Bacon


Stop what you are doing and print this coupon!!

Get $1.50 off any Oscar Mayer Bacon.

Don’t forget at many stores there is an Oscar Mayer Catalina printing through 3/21.

Buy 2 Get $1 off
Buy 3 Get $2 off
Buy 4 Get $3 off your next purchase

The catalina (so many $ off next purchase) is good at Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Bi-Lo and others.

This would be a good coupon to save til super double or when the bacon is BOG1


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How do consignment shops work?

I received an e-mail from a friend asking me to blog about consigning at consignment shops. This is something that I've started doing in the past year.

Consignments shops set a price for your items. If you want a certain item to be sold for no less than a certain price you can specify that too. Most consignment shops give you 50% of the price they received for the item sold. They normally only take clothing for the current season. My local shop is now having a $1 sale to move out the winter clothing and make room for the spring and summer. You pick up your money monthly. My store gives the option of having your money mailed to you so you won't have to remember to stop by and get it monthly.

I had never dreamed that I would make as much money as I have consigning. You can get more money out of the stuff than you could at a yard sale. The best part is you don't have to do any of the work.

Not sure how other stores work but one of the downfalls of my local store is that she can't tell me what I've sold that month. Also with the $1 sale someone is getting alot of great deals. Most of my stuff is nice and worth alot more than $1.

Consignment stores are a great place to shop. You can find nice name brand stuff for cheap! Alot of people may think that consignments shops just have children stuff but alot of them have adult stuff too.

Does anyone else have any consigning tips to share? What deal have you found at a consignment shop?


I was just listening to new life 91.9 radio show Eric and Erica and this question was asked. What brings out your inner frugalista? I gave my idea on Facebook and they shared it on the show! My answer: Easy! Canceled my huge cable bill. Now I watch my favorite shows free on the internet and there is less commercials too! I love the question and want to know your comments. So how does your inner frugalista help you save money?

Friday, March 5, 2010

7 Simple Ways To Make Decluttering Fun

No one usually likes to clean out and declutter. I guess I'm the odd ball I enjoy it but never want to part with anything! I found 7 tips to make it fun!

1. Host an organizing party with friends. Start at your home and then move on to each other's homes.

2. Host a photo organizing party. I'm sure everyone is behind on putting their photos in albums! Everyone bring their photos and album and do it together. Don't focus on the scrapbooking part of it just organizing and getting them in albums. It will be a great time to share memories.

3. Write your organizing date on the calendar in ink, it will never get done if you leave it to your spare time!

4.Have a decluttering party with your family. Make it fun, have food, music, or whatever that would make it fun for your family. Have a prize at the end for whoever donates the most to charity.

5. Have a giving party. Everyone brings a bag of stuff that they don't "love" anymore, swap stuff with your friends for things that you can use.

6. Talk your friends to help you declutter or at least watch the kids while you do it. Uninterrupted time is when you will get the most accomplished.

7. After you have organized reward yourself with anything but shopping!

Don't let the idea of "party" scare you away from decluttering. I know time is an issue for everyone and trying to find a time when all your friends were available may be hard. Just get together with one friend, you can have lots of fun cleaning out with one, you don't have to have a whole crowd.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

There is a great website I check weekly to see the upcoming coupons in that weekend's paper. This is a good way for you who don't subscribe to the paper to see if it's worth buying one that week. If there is a ton of coupons you use it may be worth buying an additional paper. Check out There will be a P&G insert this week also if you want to think about doing the rebate. The website usually starts posting the weekend's coupons on wed. but all are on there by thurs.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Proctor and Gamble Rebate

Proctor and Gamble (P&G) has a great rebate going on right now. It started last month but it's not to late to jump in and take advantage of the savings. If you buy $50 worth of their products between Feb 1st and April 15 you will receive $100 worth of coupons. The awesome thing is, you can use coupons on the $50 you buy. The $50 is the regular price so you can shop the sales and coupons and not pay $50 out of pocket for all the stuff. Save your receipts, circle the items and price and send it in. More stuff is p&g products than you think. I was surprised how many different brands I use every day that are p&g products. Go to, scroll down and you will see the rebate info on the right "A Year of Savings for Everything You Do."

Walgreen's Freebies

A few weeks ago at Walgreen's I hit the jack pot! I got 4 Bic Hybrid Advance Razors for free! They were on sale for buy 1 get 1 free. I had a coupon for buy 1 get one free on any bic razor. Believe it or not at walgreen's you can use buy 1 get 1 coupons with buy 1 get one sales.

The other items in the photo were also freebies from the same day.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome Friends

Hi everyone!
Welcome to our new blog. We are so excited that it is already a reality. In only a few short weeks we made this happen. Thank you for checking us out and hope you enjoy!

Harris Teeter Super Double Savings

I found some great bargins at Harris Teeter last week with super double coupons. I spent $2.88. Here are my bargins!

1 4pck yougurt
2 starkist tuna pouches
2 pouches of cat treats
6 boxes of kotex pantyliners
3 deodorants


They're back in fashion, with good reason: An hour spent cutting and clipping can yield about $100 in savings.

Clipping coupons hardly sounds like the subject of high finance -- or even medium finance.

Save a dollar on cat food, some detergent or a couple of boxes of cereal. Who can be bothered? Who has the time?

A growing number of people, it turns out. And they're shrewder than it may at first appear.

The Great American Coupon is making a big comeback -- thanks to the Great American Recession.

We redeemed some 3.3 billion coupons last year -- a remarkable 27 percent leap from 2008, and the first year-on-year increase in 17 years, according to a report issued at the end of January by Inmar, a coupon-processing agent. (Online coupon use skyrocketed -- companies issued twice as many as in 2008, but redemptions rose 360 percent.) The big upturn took off in October 2008, just after Lehman went belly up.

At first blush you can see why coupons fell out of fashion for so long -- and why so many consumers still ignore them.

You have to make time to visit a coupon Web site or collect the flyers from your mailbox, the supermarket or newspaper inserts. You need to sort through to find the ones you want, cut them out, stick them in your purse or wallet -- and remember to use them when you are at the cash register and you are trying to remember whether you bought everything on your shopping list and where you parked the car.

Average saving per coupon: Just $1.44, according to the Inmar report.

But let's treat this low finance topic for a moment the way we treat high finance. Let's subject it to the same math.

How long does it actually take to clip and use a coupon? Certainly the more you use, the less overall time you will spend per coupon, because so many of the costs -- getting flyers, sorting coupons and so on -- are generalized. Let's assume you spend a minute per coupon.

Saving $1.44 for a minute's effort is the equivalent of saving $14.40 for 10 minutes'.

Hourly rate: $86.40.

Maybe this would be as good a time as any to point out that the typical American working stiff -- those lucky enough to have jobs right now -- climbs out of bed each morning, goes through the miseries of commuting and endures the daily grind at the workplace for about $20 an hour.

Furthermore, money saved comes with an additional benefit. Unlike the money you earn at work, it is tax free. No payroll taxes. No federal or state income tax.

If your marginal tax rate were, say, 20 percent, you would have to earn $108 before tax to take home $86.40. If your marginal tax rate were 30 percent, you'd have to earn $123.

Very few of us ever do this kind of math, because we tend to treat low finance differently from high finance, and small sums differently from big ones. No wonder, even today, 99 percent of coupons are thrown away unused.

Yet finance isn't a separate topic from the rest of our personal lives. For all of us, our scarcest resource is time. Putting the right value on it, and putting it to the most productive use, is a financial challenge, as well as a personal one.

And the individual amounts of money may seem small, but they prove the old adage about tiny acorns and mighty oaks. Someone who saves $25 a week will save $100 a month, and $1,200 a year. Over a lifetime that can easily grow to $100,000 or more -- even after accounting for inflation.

If motivation is an issue, the next time you find yourself facing a stack of coupon booklets and flyers don't ask yourself if you can be bothered. Try asking yourself if you'd like to earn more than $100 an hour for a job you can do, at home, while sitting on the sofa watching TV.

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