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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Spent $1.76 Tax Saved $49.27 On Stayfree

Needless to say I was beyond thrilled when I saw the $2 stayfree coupons were coming out last sunday just in time for some free pads with the current sales. This was my last week to purchase stuff  for my church's mission team to take to Kenya. I purchased 13 packs of stayfree at Harris Teeter and spent $1.76 tax for them all and saved $49.27. I also got an additional pack at CVS too. It's such an awesome feeling to be able to give to those accross the world in need.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Create A Free Card & Get Free Shipping

We've all spent hours pouring over greeting cards in the stores trying to find the perfect card for that special someone we love. It's hard to find a card that you like the picture and what it says. Now through Sun. 7/22 you can go to and create your own card for free and get free shipping as well.Use the coupon code CAJ2719 at checkout.  They will send it to you with an envie and you can address and mail or they will send it to the reciptant, you choose. The cool part is they have many picture cards where you can download a pic from your computer to add an extra personal touch to the card. Not only can you add your own text to the card but also the color and font of the text.

I've personally took advantage of several of these free offers in the past from and have been very please with the cards and the quality. Pay nothing at all. Completely free.

Check it out now. You can possibly create more than 1 card for free.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Spent $5.82 @ Harris Teeter Saved $20.30

Fri. mornings I always look forward to getting my weekly e-vic e-mails. Lately it seems they haven't been anything I could use but today broke that trend. I found several good deals on things we could use in my e-vic mail this morning. On the way home from work I stopped by HT and picked up some things. The Betty Crocker Brownie mix was on sale for .97. The Silk Fruit & Protein drink was on sale for $1.27. Those were the only deals that I got that were on my e-vic. I also purchased a 3 lb bag of meow mix catfood as well as 3 loaves of Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread on sale for $1.99 each. The cat food was on sale for $4.99 and I have a coupon for .75 making it $3.49. This is a little more than I normally like to pay for catfood, but when the cat needs food, he needs food :) I had 3 .75 coupons for the bread making them only .49 a loaf which you can't beat!! The Silk drink I had 2 .75 coupons making them free, and 1 .75/2 coupon for the brownies making them .44/2. So I'm really pleased with this trip. Spent $5.82  and saved $20.30.

Spent .35 Tax Saved $38.47 @ CVS

At the beginning of the week I went to CVS to take advantage of the awesome Head & Shoulder's deal. It wasn't all that great without coupons, lol. Head & Shoulder's shampoo and conditioners were on sale buy 1 get 1 50% off. At my store they are regularly $5.99. I had 3 of the buy 1 get 1 free coupons from the recent P&G insert. I bought 6 of the shampoo's some were the 2 in 1 and some were even the kind of scaly heads. The coupons took off $9.49 each. I got a $1 coupon from the coupon center for $1 nivea creams or moisturizer. This coupon worked on the small tin of nivea cream. There was only 1 left in my store so I got it for free as well. Actually my subtotal was in the negative but my tax ate up the negative part and I only ended up paying .35 for $38.47 worth of merchandise. Yes, I have to admit I will be making one last trip tomorrow night to use the last of my head & shoulder's coupons :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Spent .76 Tax Saved $13.94

I got several of the $2 off any shampoo or styling product coupons from the coupon center last week. I just couldn't hardly stand to see these high value coupons go to waste when I could donate the shampoo to my local food pantry. First stop yesterday I went to CVS and had one of the $2 coupons from the coupon center from last week as well as a Free Cortaid coupon that printed earlier this week from the coupon center. Actually my store has the Cortaid price a little higher than the max value of the coupon but I had a $1 manuf. coupon that I used to cover the difference that the free coupon didn't cover. I bought 2 of the VO5 shampoos that were .99 each and the Cortaid at my store is regularly $6.29. I used the $2 of shampoo coupon to cover both of the shampoos and the free coupon for the cream which took off $5.99 as well as a $1 coupon for the Cortaid from a recent coupon insert. All of this was free and I only had to pay .56 tax.

Later in the day I went to Walgreens where I normally hate to shop. Couponing deals never seem to work for me there. They have the 3pack ivory bar soap on sale this week for .99. There were $1 coupons in this past Sunday's P&G for $1 ivory cleansing item. So for once the cashier knew how to adjust the coupons down and didn't question anything! I got 3 3bar packs for .20 tax. I'm donating these to my church's mission team heading to Kenya.

So all together yesterday I sent .76 tax and saved $13.94. I love me some freebies!!