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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Laundry Detergents for $12.64 Saved $31.62

Sorry, I've been such a slacker about blogging lately.

Harris Teeter has their Xtra laundry detergent on sale buy 1 get 1 free this week. This is the 75 oz size which is 48 loads. I couldn't find my xtra coupons anywhere and it made me so mad thankfully I was able to trade with someone online for some .50 coupons. At Harris Teeter they doubled to $1 off so I only paid .99 for each bottle of xtra. I'm happy I've gotten my year's worth of laundry detergent stocked back up. We never ran out!! I believe that if you can, you should stock up when the price is cheap because if you wait til you run out there won't be a great deal or coupon when you need it. One of the 10 detergents was the Wisk that was on e-vic. With the $2 coupon I got it for $2.50. I got that for someone who only uses wisk.

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