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Friday, June 4, 2010

Grocery shopping tip for lowering meat costs

If you have boys or men to feed you know that meat in your meals is usually a must (atleast at my house). With rising costs of all types of beef, chicken, pork and even turkey, I found a great way to cut cost. Start looking for the day of expiration date. Most packages say use or freeze by such a date but most stores mark the meat down on that date. Look for special stickers or coupons attached. You might question if it is still fresh enough? Compare it to other packages there that have a later date. Is it the same color or texture plus once you get it home open it and smell. You will know if it's bad. But the cost savings is huge. Just yesterday I bought 3lbs. of fresh ground turkey for $1.50!!! I saved $12 from the original price. Now there is a little more work involved because I get in the habit of bringing it home and cooking it right way (within 24 hrs) If it's not being used for that nights dinner in to the freezer it goes, ready for the next meal. This works great for quick summer grilling too!

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