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Friday, September 30, 2011

Freebies!! Spent .33 tax Saved $9.95

A few weeks ago when the Dawn dish liquid was on sale at CVS for .99. I had gotten a raincheck because my small town store quickly sold out. I trade coupons online with couponers across the country which helps that different areas get different coupons. My area only got the .75 dawn plus coupon. I found someone who sent me $1 dawn plus coupons. The most I could get on 1 raincheck was 5 so I took my 5 $1 coupons today with my raincheck and got 5 of the 9oz dish liquids. I got 5 of the dawn plus hand renewal and got 2 regular dawn all for free!! I only had to pay .33 tax for them all. I saved $9.95. It's hard to believe that a 9oz dish liquid would normally cost $1.99!!

My coupons expired today so I was really thankful they had enough in stock. The dawn dish liquid go back on sale this coming week so I knew my store would be wiped out again quickly.

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