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Friday, September 14, 2012

HT Super Doubles Spent $1.98 Saved $43.07

Just got back from Harris Teeter and my best trip yet this week. I ended up in the negative's which was no real suprise to me. I thought it might happen but then when I saw everything that my store was out of I wasn't so sure. I was prepared and knew what I was going to grab if I ended up there. I know the point of getting out of the negative's is to make your bill higher but yes I even had coupons for the stuff I got to get me out of the negative's.

I checked my zvr coupons this morning and there were some new awesome ones to load. P&G had lots of good ones especially paired with the manuf coupons.

I got:

1 pack of keebler cinnamon roll cookies $1.99 used .70/1 coupon that doubled
1 4 pack of ocean spray crangrape juice BOGO used $2 coupon that doubled
2 febreeze air effect spray $1.97 on e-vic used 2 $1 coupons and $1 e coupon
2 3packs of ivory soap $1.75 each these are what I grabbed when I needed out of negative. I had 2  .75 catalina coupons for these that didn't double
1 febreeze car air freshner sale $2.99 $1 e coupon and $1 manuf coupon that doubled
2 hormel compleats $1.97 each used 2 $1 coupons that doubled
1 crest prohealth whitening toothpaste sale $2.99 used $1 coupon that doubled and .50 e coupon
1 gillette plus razor sale $5.99 used $3 manuf coupon and $3 e coupon
1 nestle oatmeal rasin cookie dough $2.19 .55 e coupon and .75 coupon that doubled
1 neutrogena bar soap $2.55 used $2 neutrogena face coupon that doubled.

Very happy with this trip. If only they had everything in stock it would have been even better.

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