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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spent .77 Saved $54 @ CVS

This week I hit the jackpot at CVS. I haven't been going to cvs quite as much as usual. I haven't gotten many ecb's in a while other than the one I get for the gree bag tag. Well this week that all changed. My first trip in this week I purchased 2 of the crest pro health that were on sale 2/$5 with the $2 ecb back. This tootpaste works really well for me and I'm not about to pay the regular high price. I also picked up a box of the nature made b complex 60 ct energy vitamin. It's regularly $10.49 at my store and not included in the nature made that was on sale this week. I had a $10 coupon for this. The beauty was that I was unaware of til the cashier scanned the coupon was that the coupon took off $15 for some odd reason instead of $10. The cashier was obviously surprised as well. This was a cashier who is a shift manager and has worked at this store forever. She didn't adjust it down or anything. I also had 2 .75 coupons for the toothpaste so all together I paid .4 tax and saved $19.08 and got back $2 ecb's for the crest. Day #1 of being paid to shop.

Yesterday I went back to cvs and had a $5/$15 loaded to my card. Of course they were out of the scott that was on sale that I had planned on buying. So on to plan b which was limited because I didn't have all my coupons with me. I purchased 2 1ct. venus razors that were on sale for$7.39 with a $4 ecb back for 1. I also had a coupon from the coupon center for $2/2 toothpaste as well as 2 .50/1 coupons for colgate. They had colgate with mini breath strips on clearance for .97. I had a buy 1 get 1 free coupon for gillette disposable razors. That coupon took off the max. value of $11.99. So that put me in the negative so I ran and grabbed 3 more of the clearance toothpaste. So tax was .99 but my negative still ate some of that so I only owed .73 tax for 5 crest and 2 venus razors. If that's not good enough I got back $4 ecb's for the razor.

So between both days I spent .77 and saved $54 and got back $6 ecb's.

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