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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Rebate, Spend $10 Get $25 In Coupons!

Conagra has a rebate going on now through the end of May. When you buy $10 of their products you will receive a $25 coupon booklet. Remember, with rebates you can pay less with coupons but the $10 will come off the actual shelf price. Some of the brands included are
  1. Hunts,
  2. Peter Pan,
  3. Hunts Manwich,
  4. Parkay, Snack Pack,
  5. Wesson,
  6. Pam,
  7. Banquet,
  8. Eggo Beaters
Here is the link for the rebate form. It says supercenter receipts on the form but from other bloggers who have done this rebate in the past, you don't have to purchase the items at wal-mart. Also the coupons in the coupon book begin with 9 so they can't be doubled. But I still think it would be a good rebate to do.

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