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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Decorate on the cheap

Here is how I find ways to decorate my house on the cheap and still stay in style.Make a list of the types of things you're looking for curtains, lampshades or whatever. Keep in mind the colors and patterns that suit your overall decor. Then start browsing your favorite consignment shops, retail stores or even wal-mart but always look in the clearance or damages first. Don't forget to search in seasonal areas too. Many items you will find can be used all year. The catch is don't go "looking" for the perfect item, let that item find you.
Here is a great pair of lampshades that found me. I was browsing a clearance aisle in wal-mart and there in a pile of unrelated items-blanket, lunch coolers and something I wasn't too sure what it was used for... I found them. Originally $14.97 but now only $1.50!!!
There is a down side to my method, it will take longer to find your items, but if you are not in a hurry or just redecorating this can save you tons of cash. Plus if you're like me the "hunt" is half the fun. Happy Hunting

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