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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Make your own convenience foods

One of the best ways to quickly lower your grocery bill is to cut out convenience foods. But what about those days when you need quick and easy. Make your own ahead of time for the week or month. Make an extra batch of waffles or muffins and freeze them. Invest in lots of snack and sandwich bags or reusable containers for individual servings of fruits and veggies. Then cut up and divide for that weeks lunches. Cut big blocks of cheese into cubes or make your own trail mix. Don't waste money on individual bags of chips or cookies just divide a big bag into smaller bag servings and store in a large container until needed. Get the whole family involved by forming an assembly-line. Even dinner can be put together like your favorite Stouffer's meal. When needed just heat and eat. Look where convenience is costing you and find a creative way to duplicate it for less.

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