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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Opportunity to Bless Someone

We take so much for granted and need to slow down and think of how we can bless those who are going through difficult times. I have a friend, Rachel, who had a 13oz micro preemie who lived in the NICU the first four months of her life before going home to be with Jesus. Rachel has started a yearly preemie onesie drive in her daughter's memory. She collects, preemie onesies, outfits and clothes up to 3 months and gives them to the neonatal nursery where her daughter lived her four months. Rachel also collects, receiving blankets and socks for the babies. The neonatal nursery cares for up to around 100 babies.

Rachel, shares on her blog ( how the journey isn't easy with your child in the NICU. She was given an annonymous onesie when her daughter was in there, and Rachel was greatly blessed by this act of kindness from a complete stranger.

The delivery date for these items to the NICU is March 9th. We really need to collect these things asap so I can get them to Rachel.

If you would rathar give a monatary gift I would see that it was used to buy onesies etc. for the drive.

I'm excited to see what our small blog can do to bless these tiny babies and their families.

Please leave us a comment in the comment section and let us know if you're willing to help. If we don't have your contact info please leave us your e-mail address.

Thanks so much in advance!

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