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Friday, January 14, 2011

Saved $127 Spent $14.85 So Far In 2011

We're only into the 14th day of the year and I've already saved $127. this year and spent $14.85.

I've been back to Food Lion and bought 2 more of the spaghetti for $1. I found 2 more of the $1 coupons. I also bought 2 more of the Healthy Choice soups, some bananas, and 2 more containers of the bestlife butter spread. I had coupons, of course, for everything except the bananas. Not sure how this happened but I paid only for the bananas. The soups should have cost $1. I only paid $1.30 and the bananas were $1.16 plus .14 tax. I'm not complaining at all!!

I got 2 of the pure protein bars, 1 of the Johnson and Johnson baby bars of soap, and 4 boxes of the fiber one honey clusters cereal. I paid 4.26 for all of this and .26 was tax. The only thing I really paid for was $1 a box for the cereal.

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