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Monday, January 23, 2012

Harris Teeter and Rite Aid Bargins I Couldn't Resist

After 2 transactions at Harris Teeter and 1 trip to Rite Aid yesterday I was very happy with how much I've already saved this week.

HT trip #1: 2 starkist tuna pouches= free paid .2 tax, saved $3.50

HT trip #2: 3 starkist tuna pouches, 1 eat. think. smile nutrition bar, 1 jar of wolfgang puck pasta sauce= .6 tax. I also got another .75 coupon off my next shopping order coupon.

Rite Aid: 3 packs of Mentos UP2U gum, 1 hershey's bar, and 1 hershey's air delight bar= .48 including tax. I also got a $1 UP reward which is a coupon off my next order

Everything in all 3 trips was free except 1 hershey's bar after sales and coupons.

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