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Monday, June 11, 2012

CVS Clearance Spent $1.06 Saved $14.47

My week's already getting off to a good start as far as couponing goes! I read online where CVS has several brands of feminine pads on clearance. One of the brands was Stayfree and that's my brand! I was hoping there were some left at my store and there was just enough for me to use the 3 coupons I had. I  got 2 16ct. packs of the long with wings for .4 each after my $1 coupons. I got a pack of the ultra 18 ct. for .72 after another $1 coupon. So including tax I got all 3 packs for $1.06!! I have a whole stockpile of pads but this is the price I like to pay to stock up on them. It's not like they won't sae and they'll go bad on me lol.

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