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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spent $12.01 Saved $86.57 @ HT Super Doubles

I went to Harris Teeter this morning for day 1 of Super Doubles. I was very suprised at how much I saved. I don't think I've ever saved this much in 1 transaction before. This is a breakdown of what I got.

2 boxes of 20oz Rasin Bran on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free= $4.25/2 before coupons
used $1/2 coupon which doubled

6 bottles of KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce on sale $1 each= had 3 $1/2 coupons which made all 6 free

4 6pack of deer park water .5 liters on sale for $1 each= had 2 cooupons for $1/2 made all 4 free after doubling

1 3lb. bag of meow mix tender Centers cat food on sale for $4.99= $2 coupon doubled made cat food .99 for bag

1 munchkin  mighty grip sippy cup on sale for $2.39= $1/1 coupon made cup .39 after doubling

2 nature's own whole wheat bread= $3.98 on sale after 2  .75 coupons doubled bread was .98/2 loaves

4 bags of simply potatoes= $5.50/4 bags+ after 2 $1 coupons doubling they were $1.50 for 4 bags

1 container of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter=on sale for $2.15 after $1.10 coupon doubled it was free

1 half gallon of silk vanilla soymilk= on sale for $3 used $1 coupon after doubling made it $1

1 box of advil gel caplets 50ct= sale for $4.49 after $2 coupon doubled I paid .49

2 boxes of Phillips Laxative Caplets= on sale  $8.98/2 used 2 $2 phillips product coupons making both of them only .98 after doubling

6 Met Rex bars= $2.29 each, I had 3 $2/2 coupons that doubled making them$1.74/6

No, I did not clear shelves. I had another wateer coupon but that would have only left 3 cases for someone else. So I only got 4. There was also plenty of BBQ sauce too. Most of these I'm going to donate to my local food pantry.

Out of the $12.01 I paid $1.69 of that was tax. All of the items I bought weren't signed with the sale price, maybe it was just because it was first thing and they were still putting up signs.

Leave us a comment and let us know how you did couponing this week

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