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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Spent $9.21 Saved $106.98 @ CVS

Mon. night I went to CVS to see what kind of deals I could get with the olay promotion and rebate. I spent way more out of pocket then I normally would ever spend and I had some extra care bucks to use. Unfortunately I can't list all the specific extra care bucks I used because I don't know how many I had.

I bought

4 boxes of the olay 2in1 cloths 33ct
3 boxes of the olay cloths 30ct
6 bottles of head & shoulders shampoo
4 bottles of olay body wash
1 cvs body wash

I used a $3/$15 olay coupon from the coupon center
$2 cvs body wash coupon from the coupon center
3 BOGO head & shoulders coupons ex. 7/31
3 $3/2 olay cleansing cloths
4 Get olay body wash free when you buy cleansing cloths
$4 (possibly more in ECB's

Pretax total was $4.02, after tax it was $9.21

I got $10 ecb's back from head & shoulders and olay
Got $5 ECB's from beauty club
and will get $10 back from olay rebate

Now for my question for those of you who have done the olay rebate. Is this rebate really $30 before coupons? I've heard conflicting rumors so please comment below and let me know because I really want the rebate but don't want to mess with it if I won't be able to get it. Please leave feedback. Thanks

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