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Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Giveway Time!!!!

If you haven't already you should go read the previous post about a Fresh Start. We're going to be making a fresh start here at JJ Frugal Friends and going to get serious about blogging as well as sharing other tips and ideas besides what all you can get free with coupons. We really want to see our followers grow and return on a daily basis.

The first giveaway you can enter is ask me you Coupon Questions. I've had several people ask about my extreme couponing lately and how I get all that toothpaste or a year's worth of femine products free. There is no dumb question. Leave any question you may have about couponing how to get started, how to find the deals, or anything else.

The 2nd giveaway you can enter by leaving me a comment telling me what you would like to see on the blog. I want to blog what you want to see. I know I did a post about a year ago asking the same thing but I will try to listen this time! lol

The winners will receive great surprises! The drawings for the winners will take place Thurs. morning. If I don't have your contact info please leave your e-mail address in your comment.

Tell all your friends about the giveaways. The more people that enter, the more fun it will be.


  1. First of all I like your blog because I know you are covering the stores in my town. Since I am new to couponing I would like to see tips on how to find the deals to go with the coupons.

  2. Here is my question: Harris Teeter is having super double coupons, explain how this works. Which coupons are the best to use.

  3. Besides grabbing the coupons in the Sunday paper, is there another great place to snag high value coupons?

  4. It would be awesome to see easy & budget friendly slow cooker recipes on your blog.