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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spent $12.63 Saved $96.65 at Harris Teeter

I went to Harris Teeter 3 times last week during super doubles. All my trips combined I spent $12.63 and saved $96.65, still can't believe I saved that much, wow!!

I bought

2 bags of Purina healthful choice cat chow (these would have reg. been $12.58 for 2 but with sales and coupons I got them for $1.50 each

1 bag of Purina cat chow $1.50

8 boxes of mueller's whole grain sphagetti free after coupons

3 small gain dish liquids free after coupons

skippy peanut butter .99

2 suave lotions .50 each

6 travel size degree women's deodorant free after coupons

3 sure deodorants free after coupons

4 half gallons silk soymilk $1.27 each after coupons

4 pouches of cat treats free after coupons

3 cans of tuna (no coupons for these, but we needed it)

4 bags of bic inkpens free after sale and coupons

3 boxes of 7th generation klennex free after coupons

1 box of 50 always liners free after sale, manuf, and e-vic coupons

1 pouch idahoan mashed potatoes had a FREE coupon

Really pleased with these trips. I'm not keeping all this stuff. I'm giving some of it away.

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