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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spent .65 Saved $16.45

Everything was suposed to be free but my coupons didn't scan that way. I was to fed up to argue about it. They had already made irritated me over the cheerios (see previous post) so I didn't argue over .50.

I bought 2 smart balance milk and 3 nivea lip gloss. I had 2 of the smart balance coupons $1.50/1 that doubled making them both free and 1 $3/2 nivea lip gloss coupon as well as $1/1 nivea lip gloss coupon from facebook that should doubled and made them all free. Well the facebook coupon didn't double and I'm pretty sure it should have. Over the last 2 days it seems like that items that cost less than what the coupon doubles too only come off at facevalue and have to be doubled manually. Not sure if this is really what's happening but it seems like it to me. Anyone else notice this??

I love the free milk and the long shelf dates make it even sweeter of a deal. The nivea is going to Kenya with my church's team.

I know you guys think this is awesome, all that for .65 but it should have only cost me the .15 tax. Oh well, I'm still happy with .65

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