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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saved $9.83 and Spent Only .10 Tax

I went to Harris Teeter yesterday after celebrating the big 1st birthday with Jenn and the kids, since I'm going to miss the party :((

I wanted to take advantage of the sales that were going off yesterday. Fri. in my e-vic e-mail one of my offers was a bag of 60ct. De Waflebakkers Mini Pancakes completely free!! As you know I love free stuff and pancakes is not something you see free all that often.

I also got 2 of the colgate toothpaste that were on sale for 2/$3. I had 2 .75 coupons which doubled making the toothpaste also free.

So in the end I got everything for free and only paid .10 tax and saved $9.83

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  1. Free pancakes? What a lucky e-vic score! Thanks for linking up at Allison's Durham Deals!