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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spent $1.52 Saved $11.xx

Last week I went to CVS and saw the Garnier Fructis Dandruff shampoo was on clearance for $2.89. I had a $1 manuf coupon plus a .75 coupon that came from the cvs site. Well of course I couldn't use both because the coupon which I thought was a store coupon really wasn't. I had orginally gotten two because I had 2 of each coupon. When I found out only 1 coupon would work I told the manager to just give me one shampoo. He voided off 1 but forgot to void the manuf coupon for the 2nd one. So I ended up getting the 1 bottle of dandruff shampoo for .89 plus tax. I also in the same transaction got the 5ct. allegra and used the $7 manuf coupon. So for both these items I spent $1.52 including tax and saved $11.xx.

The free allegra has been a welcome sight around my house. The manuf has quit making all the prescription sinus medicine my whole family has taken for years. As I'm sure many of you are learning this year the over the counter allergy meds are outrageous in price.

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