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Friday, March 5, 2010

7 Simple Ways To Make Decluttering Fun

No one usually likes to clean out and declutter. I guess I'm the odd ball I enjoy it but never want to part with anything! I found 7 tips to make it fun!

1. Host an organizing party with friends. Start at your home and then move on to each other's homes.

2. Host a photo organizing party. I'm sure everyone is behind on putting their photos in albums! Everyone bring their photos and album and do it together. Don't focus on the scrapbooking part of it just organizing and getting them in albums. It will be a great time to share memories.

3. Write your organizing date on the calendar in ink, it will never get done if you leave it to your spare time!

4.Have a decluttering party with your family. Make it fun, have food, music, or whatever that would make it fun for your family. Have a prize at the end for whoever donates the most to charity.

5. Have a giving party. Everyone brings a bag of stuff that they don't "love" anymore, swap stuff with your friends for things that you can use.

6. Talk your friends to help you declutter or at least watch the kids while you do it. Uninterrupted time is when you will get the most accomplished.

7. After you have organized reward yourself with anything but shopping!

Don't let the idea of "party" scare you away from decluttering. I know time is an issue for everyone and trying to find a time when all your friends were available may be hard. Just get together with one friend, you can have lots of fun cleaning out with one, you don't have to have a whole crowd.

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