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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I was just listening to new life 91.9 radio show Eric and Erica and this question was asked. What brings out your inner frugalista? I gave my idea on Facebook and they shared it on the show! My answer: Easy! Canceled my huge cable bill. Now I watch my favorite shows free on the internet and there is less commercials too! I love the question and want to know your comments. So how does your inner frugalista help you save money?


  1. What brings out my inner frugalista?

    Taking a look at what I really need. My coffee maker just broke. It had an auto shut off and a programable timer to set your coffee the night before for the next morning.
    Well, rather than buy a new one like that and spend a ton, I replaced it with a simple coffee maker. Its not a big deal that I have to actually turn on the coffee maker in the morning now.

  2. I agree with David. I like to look at what I really need. I would add what I really want as I really want that meal out or would I rather have the money for something else in the future.