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Monday, January 28, 2013

Old Navy Bargin @ A Consignment Shop

It's been a very long time since I've done of of these post but it's about  a deal I got without using a coupon!! I went to one of my local consignment shops last week to browse. I'm already on the lookout for skirts and tops to take on my mission trip this summer. I've said from the beginning I know this trip is going to cost a lot but I'm going to coupon/bargin shop as much as I can. Well my find last wed. even wasn't clothes. It was a bookbag. A bookbag that I plan to carry as my personal item on the plane. It's a nice Old Navy bookbag that has a deep main pocket as well as 2 other pockets on the outside. It also has a small pocket on the inside. Lots of room for all my stuff. It also has nice padded straps. Ok, what kind of price would you say for the consigment shop? Was priced $8. I really hated to pay that for it even though I knew it was a great price. I probably would have paid it anyway. I noticed that someone had taken the scissors to one of the straps. So I asked the owner if she would take any less because of the cut strap. She said she even hadn't noticed and she would knock some off. I was thinking she might take off $1. Well she took off half. Making the bag $4. Well needless to say once she said $4 I knew I was getting the bookbag. My mom's already sewed up the strap and it's good as new.

This proves that you can find some name brand nice stuff at consignment stores. This time of year is really a good time to check them out. They're running specials trying to get rid of winter stuff to make room for spring. One of the other consignment shops in my area is doing away with children's toys and baby gear such as bouncies, etc. So they're all half price. As long as it's in good shape and clean who says it has to be new??

Are you a consignment shop junkie? Or are they not your cup of tea? If you are I would love to hear about your finds in the comment section below. If you don't "do" consignment shops I would love to hear from you too.

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